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Designer tricks to make your bedroom feel more luxurious

By Katie Harris
  • If you’re looking to upgrade the feel of your bedroom to something more luxurious – then look no further. We have the top tips from expert, Livia Gamble.

Luxury bedroom ideas

Here are her tops picks for making your bedroom feel more luxurious.

1. Update your bed linen and cushions

New bedlinen and decorative cushions are the most cost-effective way to upscale your bedroom.

“Learn how to make your bed beautifully so it always looks gorgeous and inviting,” says Lisa.

Additionally, Lisa says she “prefers au-naturel materials when it comes to bedding because natural materials breathe, allowing the body temperature to remain constant, resulting in more restful sleep.

“Cotton and bamboo are good options, but my all-time favourite is linen.”

2. Choose a style and stick with it

While keeping up with current trends is tempting, choosing a classic theme can be more enduring and elegant.

“While we all love to keep up with current trends when it comes to bedroom interior design, a classic theme is often the most enduring and elegant,” says Lisa.

Choose a style that reflects an elevated version of who you are and how you want to see that represented in your home.

Styling and photos Louise Roche, Villa Styling

3. Wall-to-wall, full-height curtains

Full-height curtains are a great way to help elevate your bedroom’s elegance, particularly if they are sheer.

Adding texture, height, and a touch of elegance to any space, Veri Shades combine the flowing appearance of sheer curtains with the control and functionality of blinds.

4. Dress up the walls

Wallpaper is a great way to add some personality to your bedroom. Consider covering all walls with wallpaper, feature panelling, or unique headboards.

“While some people play it safe and incorporate a feature wall, I prefer the en-masse look of wallpaper on all walls,” says Lisa.

Hanging artworks can also add a point of interest.

Photos by Elouise van Riet Gray. Styling Lana Caves

5. Use lighting effectively

Lisa says your bedroom lighting elevates the colour, textures and mood in a room.

“And without a doubt, I believe the bedside lights in any bedroom are the most important lights. Whether you choose lamps, pendants, wall lights or overhead lighting – these provide task lighting when you’re in or on your bed,” she says.

6. Choose the right colour palette

Many colour combinations can work well in a bedroom to create a sophisticated, high-end look.

“A darker colour palette can look elegant and moody while a lighter scheme can look fresh and inviting,” says Lisa.

“Whites and soft neutral colours, and airy patterns make a space feel calm and soothing. Warm hues can make a bedroom feel more inviting, while cooler neutrals add depth to a space.

“Grey is always a favourite; more recently, warm neutrals and naturals are becoming increasingly popular. If you love colour, you can’t go wrong with blues and greens. They are calming and relaxing colours and perfect for rest and rejuvenation.”

7. Consider your flooring

“Not only will this appease bare feet in the winter months, but it will also help absorb sound, which is particularly important for those living in apartments.”

8. Plan the layout: bedroom design

Your bedroom design matters. Lisa says to consider how you plan to use your bedroom and which pieces of furniture will be required.

“For some, a cosy reading nook will be vital. For others, a spacious dressing area will be necessary. And still, others may be after a cutting-edge TV and sound bar, with a daybed to enjoy the mini home theatre. A statement armchair adds form and function to a bedroom.”


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