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By Olivia Hughes
1. We all know, in these times, that zoom calls and living in a share house, dorm or family home do not mix well. It seems to be that noise starts being made as soon as you enter a zoom call! Annoying, right? Well, we have the answer for you. A simple, inexpensive saviour that will free you from the worry of navigating home life, and work life, and that is noise cancelling earphones/headphones! Study wherever, whenever, at whatever volume, without the stress of being told, or telling others around you to ‘turn it down a notch’!
2. As we all spend so much time on our laptops, computers and phones these days, it is important to be mindful of what this may be doing to our eyes, and sleep. A few simple ways to look after your eyes and make sure they are not suffering as a result of time spent on screens, is investing in blue light glasses. Research shows that the light from our screens can impact the bodies production of sleep-inducing melatonin, blue light glasses block the transmission of these wavelengths from our devices. They are a simple, effective way to ensure your eyes and sleep are being looked after and not put under any strain.
3. Let there be light! Natural light is another major game changer for the ‘perfect work zone’, not only does it lift the mood of the room, the exposure to sunlight will help raise the bodies levels of serotonin, helping you top feel calm, focused and motivated!
4. Comfort is key! Especially when spending so much time at home. This extends beyond a desk and chair set up, although it is important to ensure you have a chair that supports your back, adding as pillow for extra support may be needed also. Consider adding simple comforts such as mats or rugs, and decorations such as indoor plants to enhance your work space.
5. Look after your home office. Make it a priority to keep your space clean and tidy. This will ultimately change the way you approach your work, helping to keep you motivated and engaged!
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