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5 living room essentials you need when moving into a new home

By Olivia Hughes

Moving house is an exciting time but there are some essentials you’ll need ASAP. Ensure you have the basics so your house looks, feels and functions like a home.

There are a few essential decor and furniture items that improve the comfort of your living space.

Before you move into your new digs, ensure you have these items measured-up and ready to settle in with you.


Curtains may be the most functional feature of your living room. While many of us choose curtains based on aesthetics – and there are some beautiful designs to choose from – curtains provide multiple uses beyond style.

Curtains will help you control light and temperature in your new living room. Picture: Spotlight

The obvious function is light control. They give way to light when you draw them open and conceal it when you want shade.

The next best function of curtains is insulation. While in summer you may want a lighter and airier fabric like linen, in winter you want to layer up those window coverings to prevent cool air seeping into your space.

A good option is Spotlight’s blockout curtains which feature fabrics with dense weaves and blockout coatings to help you control the light and minimise the cool air in your home during the cooler months. For tips on how to measure your windows for curtains and blinds, click here.

Remember: when looking at colours options, don’t forget the colour of the backing/lining too. You’ll want them to look good from the outside of the house, as well as from the inside.

A fitting sofa

The best seating arrangement will be tailored to your space. Choosing the right sofa for your living room requires some thought.

A small space calls for a smaller sofa. Picture: Pexels

For a small living space, consider a two-seater and one or two armchairs. You might also want to go for slimline, less bulky designs to reduce clutter.

If you have a larger living room, you’ll no doubt want to fill it with a large three-seater or modular sofa.

Remember, the one vital question you should ask yourself when moving into a new home: ‘will this fit through my front door?’ Don’t forget to take measurements – including the total width, height and depth – before buying a new lounge suite!


While cushions are largely considered decor, they do serve a few practical functions. Thus, they make the cut as a living room essential.

Firstly, they provide added back support when lazing on your sofa. While you may think you have excellent, comfy and supportive seating, cushions allow for customisable and flexible support depending on how you feel.

Add colour or texture with beautiful cushions. Picture: Spotlight

Secondly, the extra padding comes in handy in winter, especially if your sofa is a leather or vinyl fabric which might be quite cool to touch.

When selecting the colour of your cushions, you’ll first need to identify your colour palette: are you going for neutrals or a pop of colour? Then, play around with the size of the cushions as well as textures of the fabric.

This all adds to the indisputable fact that these little accessories simply make your living room look better!

Hard surfaces

Once you’ve chosen your sofas and chairs, the space will most likely call for a coffee table and/or side tables.

This living room bucks trends by having a small, single yet stylish surface. Picture: Pexels

The size of your space and your desired aesthetic will inform decisions on table size, materials and shape. Other factors will be influenced by lifestyle.

For instance, a home with children may call for a round coffee table. Whereas a contemporary style sofa may insist on glass, marble or a kind of plastic.

While coffee tables are a staple of the living room set, depending on the space available, you may be set with a couple of side tables instead.

Going back to your chosen colour palette, if you’ve opted for a neutral colour selection, choose a complementary colour to add harmony to the room.

Alternatively, a bold, contrasting shade will make it a statement piece in the room.

Regardless of what combination you choose, one thing is for certain: you’ll want somewhere to rest your cup of tea or glass of wine after a long day.

Mood lighting

Curtains are one part of controlling light in your living room, the other part will be controlled electronically. Living rooms – as a place of relaxation – call for mood lighting.

The key to nailing living room lighting is to layer the lights, which means you’ll rely on three types of artificial lighting: ambient, task and accent.

Ambient light mimics natural daylight and can be created with lamps for a relaxed atmosphere whereas task lighting is usually more focused, such as a reading lamp.

Accent light – thinks downlights and spotlights – will highlight certain design features to create your illuminated needs.

By playing with the three types of lighting, you’ll create the perfect relaxation zone.


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